The Pavilion Conference Centre Green Policy

Green Policy at The Pavilion

The Pavilion Conference Centre Green Policy

The Pavilion Conference Centre recognizes that the only way to ensure sustainability of the business environment is by reducing our ecological footprint and going green.

The Pavilion Conference Centre green policy revolves around the following thinking:

  • Work with conference and event organizers to ensure that as much as possible recycled materials are used and that waste is separated and recycled. The Pavilion Conference Centre provides used aluminum cans and other recycled materials to the "Iziko Lo Lwiza Craftworks" (Public Benefit Organization # 930 015 046). These materials are used to manufacture greeting cards and other crafts in order to create employment and teach skills to previously disadvantaged communities.
  • Paper, glass and plastic is separated and collected by Titanic Recycling service to be recycled. Titanic's proceeds go to the homeless.
  • Reuse of products and supplies rather than sourcing new.
  • Considering periodically how we operate and the effect it may have on the environment.
  • Management practices that reduce waste in terms of energy consumption and consumables.
  • Banning all practices harmful to the environment.

1. Green Conference Benefits

We admit that going green has marketing benefits, but this is not our primary consideration when it comes to this very important issue. An obvious benefit for us is a cost savings in terms of energy and consumables. We believe looking after the environment can increase profitability! The most important consideration for us however, is our moral obligation and inherent sense of responsibility and accountability.

2. Keeping Food and Beverage Operations Green

  • The Pavilion has a food redistribution program where leftover food is sent to “The Haven “ a homeless shelter in the adjacent Green point suburb.
  • Cloth napkins and recycled paper products are used.
  • Avoiding unnecessary laundering of linen.
  • Proper crockery and cutlery to avoid paper and plastic.
  • Condiments are served in refillable containers and pre packed sachets are eliminated completely.
  • Encouraging tap water to be served in jugs rather than bottled mineral water.
  • Bulk food purchasing to save on packaging.
  • Collection of food waste for composting.

3. Marketing Collateral – Keep it Real

The Pavilion ensures that most of its marketing communication is done digitally. We rely heavily on our website and promote visits to the site rather than handing out paper brochures, etc.

  • CD-Rom rather than paper.
  • Charging clients for incorrect or "faulty" printing to try and discourage this practice.
  • Obtaining permission to recycle leftover marketing material after an event.
  • Electronic newsletters.

4. Facilities Management

  • At night the lights in the conference centre are switched off.
  • Where possible energy saving lights are used.
  • Water saving is a priority.

5. Transport

Staff is ferried using communal transport arranged and paid for by the conference centre. Currently only 2% of the entire staff do not use public transport to commute to and from work.

Driving the Issue

Thomas Muecke, The Pavilions head chef, has been appointed The Pavilion's environmental officer in order to drive and develop the continued implementation of the policy.

The Pavilion is currently in discussion with its landlord in order to develop a partnership with them in order to make the green policy more far reaching, after recognizing the limitations in terms of this policy imposed by restrictions arising from leasing and operating the facilities as opposed to owning them outright.

The Pavilion Conference Centre recognizes it has a moral obligation in terms of minimizing its environmental footprint and is open, willing and ready to engage with any interested party, client or event organizer to mobilize these objectives and will work towards improving them. Your comments are welcome!

The Pavilion Conference Centre
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